29 species of dragonfly have been recorded in Scotland, 23 of which are resident breeding species, and 3 of these only breed in Scotland: Northern Damselfly, Azure Hawker and the Northern Emerald.



We teamed up with Laura from the Wildlife Garden Project to create a video guide on the dragonflies that you might be lucky enough to see in your garden in April and May. Please send us your records if you spot any dragonflies in your garden!





Title image: Northern Emerald by Iain Leach

Species in Scotland

This country, consisting of the vice-counties of Dumfriesshire (VC72) to Shetland Islands (VC112), currently has 4 damselfly and 8 dragonfly species nationally or locally important. These are:

Get involved in recording dragonflies in Scotland by contacting the county dragonfly recorder for Scotland, Pat Batty. Contact details can be found on the County Dragonfly Recorders page.

Where to see in Scotland

Local Events

Dragons & Damsels Walk
Caerlaverock is a hot-spot for a variety of damselflies and dragonflies, join us to find and learn more about these fascinating creatures.
ento:L!VE presents DragonflyWatch: The National Dragonfly Recording Scheme
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