Become a member of the British Dragonfly Society!  Becoming a member will enable us to undertake and deliver more conservation, education and recording projects which benefit our dragonflies and damselflies.

Buying membership as a gift? If so, don’t forget to state that the membership application is a gift and let the membership office know if you want the membership pack sent directly to the member or to yourself to give as a present.


Here are some of the benefits of being a member:

  • Magazine – You will receive a magazine, “Dragonfly News”, twice a year, with news from the dragonfly world and BDS member activities.
  • Journal – You will also receive the BDS Journal, which is published twice a year. It is internationally respected and contains some of the latest research into dragonfly biology and behaviour.
  • Monthly E-newsletter: Hawker – You will also receive a monthly newsletter which you will be sent via email. This will keep you informed with all the latest news, updates, sightings and research from the world of dragonflies.
  • Field Trips – You can attend field trips which are organised through the summer where experts will introduce you to the environment and species of national importance.
  • Meetings – As a member, you are invited to our Annual Meeting & AGM in the Autumn with illustrated talks, exhibitions, shop, stalls and a chance to meet like-minded naturalists. There is also a Spring Meeting each year to get everyone ready for the new season.
  • Recording – You will receive details of how to take part in the Dragonfly Recording Network and an annual magazine, “Darter”, with the latest recording news.
  • Conservation – By joining, you will be supporting a wetland conservation society that is a valued advisor to government agencies, the RSPB, the National Trust and private landowners.
  • Local Groups – You will receive details of your local group where you can meet other members

Title image: Red-eyed Damselfly by Iain Leach