Latest Sightings

If you would like to check out the latest dragonfly sightings in your local area (Vice-county) or nationally, you can do this through the iRecord website. Records in iRecord can be labelled in several ways. ‘Accepted’ records are those that have been verified as correct by the County Recorder(s). You can exclude ‘not accepted’ or ‘queried’ records etc using one of the dropdown menus as you work through the instructions below.



Instructions for viewing Latest Sightings in iRecord



We have also created a short video guide that you can watch below:


Share A Sighting 

If you have seen a dragonfly and want to share your sighting or get help with species identification you can post in the following Facebook group, which is run by Neil Phillips, one of our County Dragonfly Recorders: British Dragonflies and Damselflies Facebook Group

Be assured that your request to join will be accepted promptly as the group is monitored regularly. It is run by experienced dragonfly enthusiasts, so it is a good place to request species identification help too.

Or share your sightings on our own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, too.

Our Scotland team has its own Twitter account and Facebook group.

There is also a Facebook group that covers our Migrant Dragonflies Project, which is run by project coordinator Adrian Parr and anyone can request to join here.


Enter A Record

If you are confident of your identification please also enter it into the BDS database on iRecord. Your records will help us track the distribution of dragonflies across the UK and thereby aid their conservation. Click here.


Title image: Hairy Dragonfly by Dave Smallshire

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