The DCG exists as a sub-group within the BDS and aims to co-ordinate the conservation, education, research and training aspects of the Society. It works closely with the Society’s Trustees, Officers and the BDS Recording Scheme.

How it works

The Group administers the Society’s grant scheme, The Corbet Moore Award for which the Convenor is the point of contact.

The DCG meets at least twice a year, in spring and autumn, and currently numbers twelve, plus four corresponding members. Its Convenor is appointed for a four-year period and the members are selected to provide a wide range of relevant skills.

Pam Taylor (Convenor) Mike Averill Steve Brooks
Steve Cham Eleanor Colver David Hepper
Toby Hill Lauren Kennedy Adrian Parr
Val Perrin Dave Smallshire Ian Smith
Pat Batty (corresponding) Andrea Huspeth (corresponding) Daniele Muir (corresponding)
David Chelmick (corresponding)


Title image: Common Darter by Gareth William Tonks

Join the team

The Dragonfly Conservation Group is always on the lookout for new members who can expand the expertise of the team.

In particular, the group is looking for volunteers with the following:

  • Experience working in academia and ecological/environmental research.
  • In-depth knowledge of Odonata.
  • In-depth knowledge of freshwater ecosystems and their management.
  • Experience in GIS or ecological statistics.


If you have a passion for dragonflies and want to learn more about joining the DCG please contact Pam Taylor (Convenor)