The British Dragonfly Society’s database is stored at the UK Biological Records Centre and feeds into the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Atlas so that the data are available for everyone to use. We use iRecord to receive, manage and check the records submitted. You can contribute to our Recording Scheme by submitting your observations using any of the following methods.

New to recording?  Check out our Beginner’s Guide.


If you have a large number of records to submit, please enter them onto this spreadsheet file and send it to your County Dragonfly Recorder for import.

Other data entry methods

If iRecord is not suitable for you please contact your County Dragonfly Recorder to discuss other options.

For help with identification of dragonflies and damselflies please see our Identification Help pages.

To report an unidentified organism consider putting photographs onto iSpot, where volunteers offer their wisdom. [iSpot is not a BDS site; it opens in a new tab.]

The best way to view the British Dragonfly Society Recording Scheme database is via the NBN Atlas interactive maps. Once verified, records are exported to NBN atlas annually.