A County Dragonfly Recorder (CDR) is a skilled volunteer who oversees the collation, validation and verification of records for their chosen area or Vice-County. Any records entered online are sent automatically to the appropriate CDR for checking.

  • If you are interested in learning more about dragonflies, recording or events in your local area please get in touch with your CDR.
  • More about Vice-Counties
1: West Cornwall with Scilly
2: East Cornwall
Steve Jones
3: South Devon
4: North Devon
Dave Smallshire
5: South Somerset
6: North Somerset
Chris Iles
7: North Wiltshire
8: South Wiltshire
Rosie Ray
9: Dorset
Andrew Brown
10: Isle of Wight
Jim Baldwin
11: South Hampshire
12: North Hampshire
Phil Young
13: West Sussex
14: East Sussex
Simon Linington
15: East Kent
16: West Kent
Marc Heath
17: Surrey
Linda Pryke
18: South Essex
19: North Essex
Neil Phillips
20: Hertfordshire
Roy Woodward
21: Middlesex
Linda Pryke
22: Berkshire
Des Sussex
23: Oxfordshire
Stephen Burch
24: Buckinghamshire
Alan Nelson
25: East Suffolk
26: West Suffolk
Adrian Parr
27: East Norfolk
28: West Norfolk
Pam Taylor
29: Cambridgeshire
Val Perrin
30: Bedfordshire
Rory Morrisey
31: Huntingdonshire
Val Perrin
32: Northamptonshire
Mark Tyrrell
33: East Gloucestershire
34: West Gloucestershire
Richard Mundy
35: Monmouthshire
Steve Preddy
36: Herefordshire
Chris Harris
37: Worcestershire
Mike Averill
38: Warwickshire
Mick Schilling
39: Staffordshire
Dave Jackson
40: Shropshire
Sue Rees Evans
41: Glamorganshire
Mike Powell
42: Breconshire
Keith Noble
43: Radnorshire
Bob Dennison
44: Carmarthenshire
45: Pembrokeshire
Stephen & Anne Coker
46: Cardiganshire
Lin Gander
47: Montgomeryshire
Stephen & Anne Coker
48: Merionethshire to 52: Anglesey
Allan Brandon
53: South Lincolnshire
Dean Roizer
54: North Lincolnshire
Fiona McKenna
55: Leicestershire with Rutland
Ian Merrill
56: Nottinghamshire
57: Derbyshire
Chris Bradbury
58: Cheshire
John Roberts
59: South Lancashire
60: West Lancashire
Steve White
61: South-east Yorkshire
Martin Roberts
62: North-east Yorkshire
Keith Gittens
63: South-west Yorkshire
Alistair McLean
64: Mid-west Yorkshire
Simon Joseph
65: North-west Yorkshire
Keith Gittens
66: County Durham
Michael Coates
67: South Northumberland
68: North Northumberland
Michael Gardner
69: Westmorland with Furness
70: Cumberland
David Clarke
71: Isle of Man
Pete Hadfield
72: Dumfriesshire to 94: Banffshire
Pat Batty
95: Moray
Stephen Corcoran
97: West Inverness-shire to 110: Outer Hebrides
Pat Batty
111: Orkney
Graeme Walker
112: Shetland
Pat Batty

Vice-Counties explained

In common with many other recording schemes, BDS Recording divides the country into Watsonian Vice-Counties. These were devised in 1852 and do not change over time, as modern county boundaries are redrawn by government to cope with changes in demography. The naming of the Vice-Counties (VCs for short) is archaic. The greatest discrepancies between the two systems is seen in Wales.

An map of the VCs of Britain can be found on the BRC website.

To find out to which VC(s) an OSGB grid square belongs, type or paste the grid reference into the Search box of the Cucaera Grid Reference Plotter page.

Title image: Keeled Skimmer by Dave Smallshire