The British Dragonfly Society relies upon the hard work of thousands of dedicated volunteers, from dragonfly recorders to event helpers. Whatever your experience and interests, and however much time you have to give, there will be an opportunity for you to help dragonflies.


Whether it’s ad-hoc recording or long term monitoring, all records are valuable in allowing us to track the health of Britain’s dragonflies. Now more than ever dragonfly records provide us with vital knowledge, as changes in climate and habitat are having a major impact on the distribution and abundance of Britain’s dragonfly species.

You don’t have to be an expert to take part in dragonfly recording; we have a range of recording projects to accommodate everyone’s level of ability.

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Dragonfly Hotspots Project

Dragonfly Hotspots are special places, chosen for having a combination of a good number of dragonfly and damselfly species, easy access for visitors and a thriving local community keen to get involved with dragonfly conservation and events. We have a network of sites across the whole country and we are adding more each year!

At most of our Dragonfly Hotspots there are opportunities to join practical habitat work parties, take part in citizen science recording schemes or help to engage with the public as an outreach volunteer.

Find your closest Hotspots and get involved.

Work Parties

Local Outreach Volunteers


We are setting up an exciting new volunteer network with the aim of engaging more members of the public in dragonfly conservation and increasing awareness. Volunteer activities range from helping out at local events to leading pond dipping sessions at a site near you. It really depends on which activities you are comfortable doing and how much time you have to spare. If you love dragonflies and chatting to people this could be the role for you!

Contact Fiona to find out more or to express your interest.

Writers and reporters

We are always on the look out for interesting articles, photos, and research to include in our publications.

If you would like to contribute to Darter, Dragonfly News or our Dragonfly Journal, get in touch with our Conservation Officer.


Title image: Brilliant Emerald by Dave Smallshire

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