Latest News

  • The results of The Dragonfly Challenge have arrived.

    Participants from Scotland in the north to Devon in the south all got involved, with a total of 25 dragonfly and damselfly species seen across the country. Thank you to everyone who took part!

  • Birdfair award

    BDS will be at the Birdfair 18-20 August

  • Children making craft dragonflies

    Dragonfly Day at Wicken Fen NT

    On Sunday 23rd July, the last day of Dragonfly Week, we held our annual Dragonfly Day at Wicken Fen NT.

  • International Congress on Odonatology

    A major event took place at the Dragonfly Centre in Wicken Fen on Tuesday 18th July

  • Red veined Darter by Christophe Brochard

    Record Numbers of Migrant Dragonflies hit the UK


The iRecord Dragonflies App is available now. This exciting new development allows you to input and upload your dragonflies records in the field. Visit the website now to discover a new world of dragonfly recording.

Star of the Month

Brown Hawker  - Brian Walker

Brown Hawker Aeshna grandis is as the only hawker with obviously amber-coloured wings making it distinctive in flight. It is a common species in lowland areas of south, central and eastern England and also found in Ireland.  It has shown signs of range expansion over recent years but less obviously than other species with a similar distribution.  It tends to fly when approached, which makes photography more of a challenge than with many other species.