Latest News

  • BDS Annual Meeting and AGM, 2017:  On Saturday 18th November at the Holiday Inn, Filton, Bristol. Members & non-Members welcome.

  • Daniele Muir volunteer group

    BDS County Recorders Needed for Cornwall (East and West), Somerset (North) and Monmouthshire: Want to do more for dragonflies?

  • Southern emerald damselfly by Christophe Brochard

    New Damselfly Discovered on the Isle of Wight: the southern emerald damselfly spreads its UK range

  • Daniele at work

    We're recruiting! We are looking for someone to fill the exciting role of Scotland Officer.

  • Image: Mesosticta davidattenboroughi preserved in amber. © Zheng, Wang, Nel, Jarzembowski, Zhang & Chang, 2017

    Damselfly Named after BDS Patron: after being newly discovered in amber



The iRecord Dragonflies App is available now. This exciting new development allows you to input and upload your dragonflies records in the field. Visit the website now to discover a new world of dragonfly recording.

Star of the Month

Southern Hawker  - Brian Walker

You may be fortunate to see a Southern Hawker Aeshna cyanea still flying this month on a warm and sunny day.  Later sightings seem to have become a little more common over the years.  This is a large and distinctive species which ranges widely and is the mostly likely hawker dragonfly to visit gardens, even if you have no pond.  The male has a much greener appearance than Migrant Hawker, the most likely confusion species.