Meet Cephalozygoptera! The newly described, and sadly extinct, Odonata suborder

Researchers from Simon Fraser University, Canada, announced the classification of a new suborder of extinct Odonata after conducting an extensive review of fossil specimens and scientific papers dating back as far as 162 years. Within the historic studies they found descriptions of specimens that matched fossils collected from British Columbia and Washington State. On first … Continued

Top Hertfordshire Dragonfly Site Criminally Destroyed

Police and the Environment Agency are currently investigating the destruction of two protected ponds at Smallford Pits Local Wildlife Site near Saint Albans. Local residents were left aghast after discovering that the ponds at their treasured wildlife hotspot had been polluted, with either diesel or petrol, in December 2020. Earlier in September, of the same … Continued

National Insect Week Photography Winners 2020

The Royal Entomological Society has revealed the spectacular winners’ and finalists’ images from the 2020 National Insect Week photography competition. Of course, the dragonfly photographs are our favourite! Visit the National Insect Week website, including the 2020 photography gallery, here.  National Insect Week will return in 2022. Follow the event on facebook and twitter for … Continued