New Dragonfly Database

In many way Dragonflies are amazingly diverse insects, from their habitat to their hunting behaviour. But why do these differences exist? To help researches explore variations in dragonfly traits and develop hypotheses a new dragonfly database has been created which categorises dragonfly species based on traits such  as breed habitat features. This will also be … Continued

Reversing the decline in insects – new report from the Wildlife Trusts

Pesticides need to go!- is the main message from the Wildlife Trusts new report on insect decline. The report calls for the government to adopt ambitious new targets to reduce the widespread use of pesticides and encourage insect-friendly farming practices. However, the responsibility for restoring the UK’s insect populations also lies with local councils, parishes, … Continued

Take part in the Food and Farming Day 2020 online!

BDS staff and volunteers were looking forward to the annual Food and Farming event set to take place this weekend at the East of England Showground, Peterborough. Unfortunately, like many events this year, the day was cancelled due to current lockdown restrictions. However, thanks to the efforts of the Kids Country team, you can now … Continued

Dragonfly gynandromorphs

Gynandromorphism is a rare condition that causes an organism to develop both male and female characteristics. This is most conspicuous when the gynandromorphism is bilateral- the organism has male characteristics on one side of its body and female characteristics on the other. However, this is not always the case and the characteristics can be more … Continued