The National Forest for Wales

National Forest for Wales is a unique project aiming to create a nationwide network of publically accessible woodlands and forests. This will including creating new woodlands, as well as restoring existing ones, for the benefit of wildlife and the wellbeing of communities. You can become part of the project and receive a free native tree … Continued

Q&A with Dr Matt Geary

We hope you all enjoyed our Annual meeting on 27 November. Attendees had lots of questions for speaker Dr Matt Geary on his talk about White-faced Darter genetics. Here are his answers. . .   Caroline: Re low recapture rate – could they have just flown elsewhere/dispersed rather than not survived? Or do they tend … Continued

Good bye Birdfair

The BDS team was saddened to hear that Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust (LRWT) will no longer run the annual Birdfair staged at Rutland Water Nature Reserve. This is due to financial strains the charity is currently facing, which is partly the result of the pandemic. The event has run for over 30 years and … Continued

Study shows neonicotinoid water pollution drives decline in dragonfly emergence

While the impacts of neonicotinoids on pollinators have been widely publicised and condemned, evidence is growing that these agricultural chemicals are having similar consequences for aquatic invertebrates. In a recent study by the University of California, aquatic insect larvae populations were grown in outdoor pools and exposed to different levels of thiacloprid (insecticide) pollution. As … Continued

Willow Emerald Watch Project Report 2021

Thank you to everyone who submitted Willow Emerald Damselfly sightings. Here are the results of your hard work. . . Once again, Willow Emeralds had a good year, with numerous records from both traditional and new areas; 496 records have currently appeared on iRecord (as of 7/10/21), with many more likely to be submitted by … Continued

Autumn Meeting Booking Now Open!

Autumn Meeting booking is now open We warmly invite all dragonfly fans to join us for a day of fascinating talks about our rarer species and their conservation. Our meeting will take place online on Saturday 27th November from 9.30 am – 4.30 pm (with plenty of breaks and chances to chat). As always our … Continued