Hopes flying high for seeing rare dragonflies in north Cumbria

An exciting conservation project is introducing one of Britain’s rarest dragonflies to Drumburgh Moss. The white-faced darter, a small, dark dragonfly with a distinctive white head, is currently only found in a handful of sites across England. Cumbria Wildlife Trust, the British Dragonfly Society and Natural England have launched a programme to introduce this rare species at Drumburgh Moss National … Continued

Assistance Needed with Specimen Collection for Portuguese Research Project

Ricardo Bessa is needs the help of British entomologists to complete his PhD at the Research Institute on Biomaterials, Biodegradables and Biomimetics, in Portugal. The objective of his PhD is to explore the bactericidal properties of insect wings’ nanotopographies from a broad range of insect species and attempt to synthetically replicate those structures. This work builds … Continued

Global collapse of insect populations

The Guardian has covered on a new data study reporting that global insect total mass declines by a staggering 2.5% a year. The study also claims that 40% of insect species are declining, and a third are categorised as endangered. All ecosystems rely on insects, the most diverse and abundant group of animals on the … Continued

A big thank you to our Fundraising Officer

We are sad to announce that our Fundraising Officer Sarah Miller has left the BDS after two years in her role. During that time she did an amazing job of gaining numerous grants for the BDS allowing us to expand our operations, including hiring a Conservation Outreach Officer and starting new projects like the England … Continued

Willow Emerald Watch Update

Thanks to the efforts of our volunteer dragonfly recorders, we have been able to closely following the spread and colonisation of the Willow Emerald Damselfly since those first mass sightings in 2009. The 2018 dragonfly season saw many important new records of the Willow Emerald Damselfly, and there was a clear consolidation of populations near the … Continued