Froglife Launches Wildlife Gardening App

Thinking about adding a pond to your garden or green space? Froglife have launched a new app to help guide you in designing a pond that attracts wildlife and that is suitable for your patch.   To download the app search for “Froglife” on the Google Play Store! Image by Natural England

White-legged Damselfly Investigation Spring 2020 report

The White-legged Damelfly flight season is almost upon us and the British Dragonfly Society is asking members of the public to keep an eye out for this charismatic insect as part of the White-legged Damselfly Investigation Project. With the assistance of County Dragonfly Recorders ecologists at the BDS have mapped the existing and historic White-legged … Continued

Guide to Spring Garden Dragonflies

We are right at the beginning of the dragonfly season and spring species are starting to emerge. We have created a quick guide to dragonflies you can see on the wing in April and May. Have a go at spotting them in your garden or while you’re out doing your daily exercise.   Report a … Continued

Rare River Dragon in Danger

Citizen science project reveals the plight of the UK’s only Clubtail Dragonfly For the past three years, 2017-2019, British Dragonfly Society volunteers have searched over 200 miles of river bank on the hunt for the elusive Common Clubtail. The results of their work have now been analysed. Despite the name, the Common Clubtail (scientific name: … Continued

Wild Your Garden with the Butterfly Brothers

Our Ambassadors the Butterfly Brothers, Joel and Jim Ashton (pictured left), have condensed down their fifteen years’ worth of wildlife gardening experience to share it with everyone through their first ever book. Whilst in lockdown at the minute many of us are turning to our gardens even more than ever for solace, to get our … Continued