Priority Sites are nationally or locally important areas for dragonflies that support rare/threatened species and/or a high diversity of species.

Priority Site Assessments provide scientific evidence that a site is nationally or locally important for dragonflies. This evidence can drive conservation action, such as the protection of a site and its freshwater habitats, as well as its dragonfly populations.

Nationally Important Species

These are the species of dragonfly listed in the British Odonata Red Data book.

Nationally Scarce


In order to perform a Priority Site Assessment, records of species counts, life stages and breeding behaviour may be required. If not enough records have been collected to determine whether a wetland is a Priority Site you may be required to carry out additional survey work.

Please note important information about your site, such as access and route information. This will help ensure you survey the site in a similar manner during each visit. This information will also be useful to future recorders who wish to survey your site.

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Identified A Priority Site?

When a site qualifies as a Priority Site for Dragonflies, survey work should be carried out regularly (every year or every few years) to monitor the health of its breeding Dragonfly populations.


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