Following on from the 2014 Atlas of Dragonflies and Damselflies in Britain and Ireland, the BDS aims to produce a State of Dragonflies 2021 report.


We are currently undergoing one of the greatest periods of change in dragonfly distribution, with a number of species newly colonising the UK and spreading at an unprecedented rate. At the same time, climate change is raising interesting questions on an uncertain future for some of our species. In response to this, the BDS plans to release a State of Dragonflies 2020 report in the near future, with trend analyses revealing how our breeding species have fared since the Atlas and over the past fifty years. All data to 2019 will be included, with some additional text where relevant for the 2020 season.

The Atlas pulled together the thousands of hours’ work given by volunteer dragonfly recorders, producing a remarkably thorough account of the current distribution of British dragonfly and damselfly populations. Not only does this Atlas let us know how dragonflies were faring up to 2012 but it also gives an excellent reference point for future comparisons.

With the help of the Biological Records Centre, we have produced trend analyses for all resident species and new colonists. These analyses are now being written up for the forthcoming report. We had hoped to publish before the end of 2020, but Covid-19 caused some delays and the final report is now expected in mid-2021.

Title image by Pierre Bornand