Dark metallic Dragonfly.

Male: obviously waisted abdomen.

Female: broader abdomen that’s more parallel sided.

Where to See

Latin NameSomatochlora arctica

Breeds in moorland bogs and pools, often with much Sphagnum.

Adults patrol wet meadows and open areas in pine woods or on moors with scattered trees.


Status & Distribution

Uncommon. Restricted to north-west Scotland and south-west Ireland.

Similar Species

Downy Emerald

  • hairy thorax

Brilliant Emerald

  • brighter metallic coloration


Species GroupDragonflies
Identification Notes
  • Length: 50mm
  • Bluish-green (sometimes yellowish) eyes.
  • The wings are faintly suffused with saffron.
  • Metallic bronze-green thorax.
  • Dark abdomen.
  • Male: obviously waisted abdomen with calliper-like appendages.
  • Female: broader abdomen that’s more parallel sided and a short vulvar scale.
Flight PeriodNorthern Emerald