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The British Dragonfly Society is the leading British charity working to conserve dragonflies and their wetland habitats.

Dragonflies and their habitats urgently need our attention, with 13% of freshwater and wetland species faced with extinction in the UK and 53% of freshwater and wetland species in long-term decline. There are a number of UK dragonfly species currently under threat, such as the beautiful but endangered Southern Damselfly and White-faced Darter. Additionally, there are many other species which are increasing in the UK, such as the recent and booming colonist, the Small Red-eyed Damselfly. It is vital we study and understand such dramatic fluctuations in our dragonfly assemblages to ensure that dragonflies are able to persist and thrive in a rapidly changing world. This will not only help us to understand the impacts of climate and habitat change to Britain’s dragonflies, but will also play a part in looking for answers to the difficult questions currently facing all UK wildlife and habitats.

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