Donate now and become part of a legacy of dragonfly and wetland conservation in Britain for future generations.

Dragonflies urgently need your help!

Sadly many species of dragonfly, from the dainty Southern Damselfly to the shy Common Clubtail, are at risk as a result of global threats, such as habitat destruction and water pollution. Over the past century we have lost 90% of our freshwater wetlands and, as a result, dragonflies and other aquatic animals have less space to call home.

At the British Dragonfly Society we are dedicated to safeguarding our precious wetland ecosystems and promoting the creation of more freshwater habitat for dragonflies. In addition, BDS staff work hard all year round to spread appreciation and knowledge of dragonflies through educational outreach, while our dedicated team of volunteers trek the country, from urban parks to mountain streams, recording dragonfly populations

Every penny you send us goes towards helps our staff and volunteers in their quest and puts us one step closer to ensuring dragonflies have a safe future in Britain.

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