Length: 39-48mm

The very broad, flattened abdomen is characteristic making the insect appear “fat”. Both sexes have pale blue, thin ante-humeral stripes and brown eyes. The wing bases are very dark brown.

Male: quickly develop a blue pruinescence on the abdomen with yellow spots along the segment sides.
Female: golden brown on the abdomen, again with yellow spots at the margins.

Where to See

Latin NameLibellula depressa

This dragonfly is usually found at ponds and may be the first to colonise new ponds. It regularly returns to the same low perch after swift flights along the pond margins.

Status & Distribution

Widespread and common throughout southern England and Wales.

Similar Species

Its broad appearance separates it from the other Chaser and Skimmer dragonflies.

Species GroupDragonflies
Identification Notes
  • Very broad flat abdomen with yellow edges, male powder blue, female yellow-brown
  • Found at ponds and small lakes
  • May – early August
Flight PeriodBroad-bodied Chaser

Similar Species