Very broad, ‘fat’ dragonfly.

Male: Blue abdomen with yellow spots on the side.

Female and immature males: Golden-brown abdomen with yellow spots on the sides.

Where to See

Latin NameLibellula depressa

Usually found at ponds and small lakes.

May be the first to colonise new ponds.

Status & Distribution

Widespread and common throughout southern England and Wales.

Similar Species

Its broad appearance separates it from the other Chaser and Skimmer Dragonflies.

Species GroupDragonflies
Identification Notes
  • Length: 39-48mm
  • Very broad flat abdomen with yellow edges.
  • Wing bases are dark brown.
  • Males: blue abdomen.
  • Females and immature males: golden-brown on the abdomen.
  • Regularly returns to the same low perch after swift flights along the pond margins.
Flight PeriodBroad-bodied Chaser

Similar Species