This rather uniformly brown dragonfly is quite active in late spring and summer.

Males and females: Both look a like. Two obvious dark spots on each wing.

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Where to See

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Latin NameLibellula quadrimaculata

Found at the margins of shallow ponds and lakes which have good emergent vegetation and some open water.


Status & Distribution

Common throughout most of Britain. Has shown increases in occupancy since the 1990s.

Similar Species

Could be confused with other Chaser Dragonflies but can be distinguished by its dark wing spots.

Species GroupDragonflies
Identification Notes
  • Length: 39-48mm
  • Wings have yellow base and diagnostic dark spots at nodes (half way down the leading wing vein).
  • Males and females are alike.
  • Brown abdomen becoming darker towards the rear with a row of yellow spots along each side.
  • Brown thorax
  • Brown eyes.
  • Rare Praenubila colour form has dark wing tips.
Flight PeriodFour-spotted Chaser
Larval Information

Skimmers and Chasers have a squat, spider-like body-shape, a square back to the head, and small eyes.


Mask jaws have weak serrations.

Eyes point out to the side of the head.

No dorsal spine on segment 9.