Common red Damselfly.

Male: Red and black.

Female: Red, black and sometimes yellow.

Where to See

Latin NamePyrrhosoma nymphula

Most wetland habitats but avoids fast flowing water.

Status & Distribution

Common and widespread.

Similar Species

Small Red Damselfly

red legs.

red pterostigma (wing spots).




Species GroupDamselflies
Identification Notes
  • Length: 33-36mm
  • Black legs.
  • Black pterostigma (wing spot).
  • Male: Red abdomen with bronze-black markings. Thorax black with red shoulder stripes (yellow when immature).
  • Female: three colour forms from mostly red to mostly black. Some colour forms have red shoulder stripes, some have yellow.
Flight PeriodLarge Red Damselfly
Larval Information

A robust larva with a distinctive black X on the caudal lamellae

Similar Species