A large brown Hawker with obvious golden brown wings.

Male: small blue and yellow markings.

Female: small yellow markings.

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Species GroupDragonflies
Scientific NameAeshna grandis
Status & Distribution

Generally common in England apart from in the far north and south-west; widespread in west Wales. Currently absent from Scotland apart from occasional sightings. Brown Hawker has significantly increased its range in across Britain in recent years.


Breeds in standing or slow-flowing water laying its eggs in floating or emergent vegetation or timber. Hunts well away from water and may be found hawking woodland rides well into the evening.

Flight PeriodBrown Hawker
Adult Identification
  • Length: 73mm
  • Brown body with yellow stripes on the side of the thorax.
  • Brown tinged wings.
  • Male: small blue and yellow markings, and a noticeable waisted appearance.
  • Female: small yellow markings.
Larval Information

Hawkers have a long streamlined body-shape.


Banded legs.

Stripes on the head and thorax.

Broad labial mask.

Abdominal lateral spines on segment 6.

Similar Species

Brown wings make this species distinct.

Similar Species