Length: 73mm

A large Hawker with obvious golden brown wings. Both sexes have strong yellow stripes on the sides of the thorax and no ante-humeral stripes.

Male: chocolate brown with small blue and yellow markings. It has a noticeable waisted appearance.

Female: small yellow markings and lacks the male’s waist.

Where to See

Latin NameAeshna grandis

Breeds in standing or slow-flowing water laying its eggs in floating or emergent vegetation or timber. Hunts well away from water and may be found hawking woodland rides well into the evening.

Status & Distribution

Generally common and widespread, though absent from Scotland and some parts of the southwest.

Similar Species

Similar in shape to other Hawkers but the brown/bronze wings are a clear guide to its identity.

Species GroupDragonflies
Identification Notes
  • Readily identified by brown tinged wings and prominent yellow stripes on thorax sides
  • Found at any large body of standing or slow flowing water
  • July – September
Flight PeriodBrown Hawker

Similar Species