Length: 74mm

Flight Period: June to September (occasionally July, October and very early November)

This Hawker has paired spots on each abdominal segment, two broad stripes on the sides of the thorax and the costa is yellow in both sexes.

Male: quite small blue spots on each segment of the abdomen and appears quite dark. The yellow ante-humerals are narrow and eyes are blue.

Female: brown with similar markings to the male but the spots are yellow, or occasionally green or blue (Scotland). The ante-humerals are insignificant or absent and eyes are brownish.

Where to See

Latin NameAeshna juncea

In moorland habitats with acidic pools. Sometimes seen hunting woodland rides at dusk.

Status & Distribution

Common. Western England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Similar Species

Similar in appearence to other Hawkers. The yellow costa and moorland habitat can help in identification.

Species GroupDragonflies
Identification Notes
  • Look for paired dots on each abdominal segment and yellow costa (obvious even in flight)
  • A shy hawker, compared to Southern Hawker or Emperor Dragonfly
  • Prefers upland areas and acidic waters
  • July – September