Species in Devon

This area, consisting of the vice-counties of North Devon (VC4) and South Devon (VC3) , currently has the following nationally or locally important damselfly dragonfly species:

Get involved in recording dragonflies in Devon by contacting the vice-county recorders, Dave Smallshire (VC3, VC4) . Contact details can be found on the County Dragonfly Recorders page.

For information and records of where dragonflies are to be found within Devon visit

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The Devon Local Group

The Devon Group was formed around 1990 and runs on a low key basis, arranging field meetings each summer. Efforts have also been focussed over the last 30 years on monitoring sites for important dragonflies. This included early work on the BDS Key Sites Project, followed by concerted surveys of ‘Key Sites’ (Priority Sites) in 1995 and 2005/6.  A range of such sites can viewed on the map above.

As the national focus of recording has moved to gathering complete lists for visits to dragonfly sites, we encourage you to adopt one or more sites (effectively a monad, or 1km x 1km OS square). Each should ideally be visited three times a year (May-June, June-July and August-September) and a list of all species present should be submitted via iRecord. If you feel able and willing, please also note any breeding behaviour and count or estimate the numbers present, especially of rare or scarce species.

You can find further recording information and resources under the recording tab at the top.