Small colourful Darter.

Male: orange-red with a red face.
Female: ochre yellow abdomen with black markings.

Where to See

Latin NameSympetrum flaveolum

Found in marginal vegetation along ditches, ponds and the still backwaters of rivers.

Status & Distribution

Irregular migrant but may occur in large numbers (1995, 2006). Has bred after major influxes (e.g. Chartley Moss, Staffordshire, in 1996), but colonies do not persist.

Similar Species

May be confused with other Darter species.

Look for:

  • Red or brown pterostigma (wing spots).
  • Coloured wing bases.
  • Yellow leg stripes.
Species GroupDragonflies
Identification Notes
  • Length: 32-37mm
  • Pale orange colouration to the basal half of the wings and many of the wing veins.
  • The eyes are brown above and yellow below.
  • The pterostigma (wing spots) are red or brown strongly outlined in black.
  • Yellow leg stripes.
  • Males: orange-red abdomen, red-brown thorax and red frons (face).
  • Female: ochre yellow abdomen strongly marked with black along the lower half of each side.
Flight PeriodYellow-winged Darter