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Dragonfly News

Published and distributed to members twice a year in Spring and Autumn, Dragonfly News includes a diverse mix of news and articles on the Society and dragonfly topics more generally.  The focus is on dragonflies recorded in the UK and features include members photos and dragonfly stories, focuses on particular dragonfly sites and what to find there and features articles from members, experts and others active in the field of dragonflies, an extensive ‘Young Naturalist’ section aimed at younger Dragonfly fans, plus much more.

We welcome articles for inclusion in Dragonfly News. If you are interested in writing an article for our magazine, contact our Conservation Outreach Officer.

Darter Magazine

Darter is the annual magazine for dragonfly recorders, received by members each spring. The magazine includes updates on BDS recording projects, the latest news on migrant dragonflies and reports from our Local Dragonfly Recorders from around the UK, keeping you up to date with all the dragonfly news from your local area. The magazine also has feature articles on recording projects carried out by other enthusiasts, guaranteed to inspire you to get out there and record dragonflies.

If you would like to write an article for Darter, contact our Conservation Officer.

Hawker e-Newsletter

Our e-newsletter is sent out monthly to members by email. Named Hawker, it is packed with news, links to features and notices of upcoming events.

Some of the stories are available on our Latest News page.




Image: Common Hawker by Kris Gibb.

BDS Journal

Journal of the British Dragonfly SocietyThe highly respected Journal of the British Dragonfly Society is published and distributed to members twice a year. It contains articles relating to dragonflies and damselflies and their habitats, covering mainly the UK but also looking at European species where there is relevance to the UK. Articles are written by academics and amateurs and reviewed by experts prior to publication.

Articles for publication can be submitted by anyone and assistance can be provided to help a new author.

Articles for publication should be sent to the Editor:

P. J. Mill
8 Cookridge Grove
Leeds LS16 7LH


The following indexes are available to locate a particular article:

Index to Contents by Volume

Index to Contents by Species

Index to Contents by Author

A printed copy of a particular article can be obtained by application to our Conservation Officer. It will be provided free of charge to students.  Others will be asked for a small donation to the Society to contribute to costs.

PDF scans of Journal back-issues are being progressively made available below. The list is incomplete and the early scans are not at a high resolution, for which we apologise.

Journal Vol 1 No 1, April 1983
Journal Vol 1 No 2, November 1983
Journal Vol 1 No 3, April 1984
Journal Vol 1 No 4, November 1984
Journal Vol 1 No 5, July 1985
Journal Vol 1 No 6, December 1985
Journal Vol 2 No 1, April 1986
Journal Vol 2 No 2, November 1986
Journal Vol 3 No 1, April 1987
Journal Vol 3 No 2, November 1987
Journal Vol 4 No 1, April 1988
Journal Vol 4 No 2, November 1988
Journal Vol 5 No 1, April 1989
Journal Vol 5 No 2, November 1989
Journal Vol 6 No 1, April 1990
Journal Vol 6 No 2, October 1990
Journal Vol 7 No 1, April 1991
Journal Vol 7 No 2, October 1991
Journal Vol 8 No 1, April 1992
Journal Vol 8 No 2, October 1992
Journal Vol 9 No 1, April 1993
Journal Vol 9 No 2, April 1993
Journal Vol 10 No 1, April 1994
Journal Vol 10 No 2, October 1994
Journal Vol 11 No 1, April 1995
Journal Vol 11 No 2, October 1995
Journal Vol 12 No 1, April 1996
Journal Vol 12 No 2, October 1996
Journal Vol 13 No 1, April 1997
Journal Vol 13 No 2, October 1997
Journal Vol 14 No 1, April 1998
Journal Vol 14 No 2, October 1998
Journal Vol 15 No 1, April 1999
Journal Vol 15 No 2, October 1999
Journal Vol 16 No 1, March 2000
Journal Vol 16 No 2, October 2000
Journal Vol 17 No 1, April 2001
Journal Vol 17 No 2, October 2001
Journal Vol 18 No 1 & 2, September 2002
Journal Vol 19 No 1 & 2, October 2003
Journal Vol 20 No 1, April 2004
Journal Vol 20 No 2, October 2004
Journal Vol 21 No 1, October 2005
Journal Vol 21 No 2, April 2006
Journal Vol 22 No 1, October 2006
Journal Vol 22 No 2, December 2006
Journal Vol 23 No 1, April 2007
Journal Vol 23 No 2, September 2007
Journal Vol 24 No 1, April 2008
Journal Vol 24 No 2, September 2008
Journal Vol 25 No 1, April 2009
Journal Vol 25 No 2, September 2009
Journal Vol 26 No 1, April 2010
Journal Vol 26 No 2, October 2010
Journal Vol 27 No 1, April 2011
Journal Vol 27 No 2, October 2011
Journal Vol 28 No 1, April 2012
Journal Vol 28 No 2, October 2012
Journal Vol 29 No 1, April 2013
Journal Vol 29 No 2, October 2013
Journal Vol 30 No 1, April 2014
Journal Vol 30 No 2, October 2014

Title image : Ruddy Darter by Gordon Gray