LLangloffan Fen National Nature Reserve (Pembrokeshire)

Wildlife Trust of South & West Wales and Natural Resources Wales

The reserve comprises the western end of one of the largest remaining floodplain or valley mire in Wales, supporting a complex of tall fen, fen meadow, wet heath and carr communities and associated species.

The site is 60 metres above sea level and once drained westwards to the sea at Aber Mawr. It was later modified by glacial melt water and ultimately blocked by glacial deposits thereby reversing the flow. This left a small central watercourse meandering through flat waterlogged ground, which supports high densities of Trout, particularly fry. Bullhead, River Lamprey, and Brook Lamprey, all features of the cSAC have been recorded here Llangloffan fen.

The wetland is a classic haunt of the Otter and home to a remnant Water Vole population. Polecats and Badger also use the reserve. A number of Red Data Book, Notable and local invertebrate species occur and the reserve is also well used by reptiles, such as the grass snake, and amphibians. There are a good number of dragonfly and damselflies found on the reserve, flittering along the stream and around pools. These include: Azure, Beautiful Demoiselle, Blue-tailed, Broad-bodied Chaser, Common Darter, Common Hawker, Four-spotted Chaser and Large Red Damselfly.

There are two access points, one at the eastern end (within the NNR) and another at the western end. The eastern access point has a circular boardwalk which is suitable for wheelchairs and push chairs. The western access point has a short boardwalk and a marked path, these are not suitable for wheelchairs or push chairs. To get to the western end, take the A487 from Fishguard towards St. Davids, turn left onto the B4331 at Mathry and continue towards Letterston for about 2/3 mile, the small reserve carpark is on the left. To access the eastern access point, continue along the road and turn left at the crossroads towards St. Nicholas. After about 500 metres there is a lay-by to park in just before a stone bridge.

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Grid reference: (main (western) entrance) SM 895 316 (eastern entrance) SM 904 319 (site centre) SM 896 318.

Nearest postcode: (main (western) entrance) SA62 5ES (eastern entrance) SA62 5ET.

LLangloffan Fen National Nature Reserve (Pembrokeshire)