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  • Take up the challenge and join in with our new, nationwide citizen science survey!

    Why We Need to Count our Dragonflies

    We must know more about dragonflies if we are to protect them and understand what they are indicating about the state of other wildlife. That is why we are challenging you to take action and join in with The Dragonfly Challenge!

  • Dragonfly Week (15th to 23rd July) - events and activities nationally to view and celebrate these marvellous insects!

  • BDS on Radio 2  - Simon Mayo's 'Drive time' hears from Doctor Dragonfly !

  • Red veined Darter by Christophe Brochard

    Record Numbers of Migrant Dragonflies hit the UK

  • 'The Why? Group' launched: Join the BDS's recently-launched Discussion Group - a forum for dragonfly enthusiasts to present and talk about interesting observations and personal study projects.


The iRecord Dragonflies App is available now. This exciting new development allows you to input and upload your dragonflies records in the field. Visit the website now to discover a new world of dragonfly recording.

Star of the Month

Keeled Skimmer  - Brian Walker

Keeled Skimmer Orthetrum coerulescens is a rather small dragonfly with a slender body which inhabits boggy heathland.  Males have a pale blue abdomen and are fairly distinctive, while females have a yellowish-brown abdomen and need a closer look to separate then from female Darters.  It is a species which has expanded its range in recent years, which is encouraging for a species with fairly specific habitat requirements.