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  • BDS Spring Meeting: Knutsford Cheshire, Saturday 30 March 2019

  • The Impact of Heatwaves: 'halves' male insect fertility

  • Water Soldier: its value to Dragonflies, and management

  • New volunteer opportunities in Shropshire: Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

  • Gen, in light blue behind Pam Taylor, at a BDS event

    Saying goodbye to BDS Conservation Officer: Genevieve Dalley 


Star of the Month

Small Red Damselfly - Brian WalkerSmall Red Damselfly Ceriagrion tenellum is one our smallest damselflies and a very attractive insect.  As with many damselflies the female occurs in several colour forms.  The picture is of the most common form.  It occurs in boggy areas on heathland in south and west England and Wales.  It is significantly smaller than the much more widespread Large Red Damselfly, the only other red damselfly found in the UK.

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