Latest News

  • Red veined Darter by Christophe Brochard

    Record Numbers of Migrant Dragonflies: Hit the UK this May

  • Conservation Officer : Genevieve Dalley has accepted a job as Monitoring Officer at Whixall Moss.

  • Large Red Damselfly David Cooper

    Start of the 2017 Season: Large Red Damselflies and Vagrant Emperors in Cornwall

  • Spring Meeting at lunch byBrian Walker

    Spring Meeting 2017: report on a successful day

  • 'The Why? Group' launched: Join the BDS's recently-launched Discussion Group - a forum for dragonfly enthusiasts to present and talk about interesting observations and personal study projects.


The iRecord Dragonflies App is available now. This exciting new development allows you to input and upload your dragonflies records in the field. Visit the website now to discover a new world of dragonfly recording.

Star of the Month

Black-tailed Skimmer  - Brian Walker

Black-tailed Skimmer Orthetrum cancellatum is now emerging.  It is a medium sized dragonfly, blue with a black end to the abdomen in the male and sandy coloured abdomen with distinctive black markings in the female and immature males.  Males like to rest on bare ground when they are not flying fast and low over the water.  It is relatively common in the south and east and is expanding its range north and west.