The Monmouthshire 2030 dragonfly atlas project

A combined map of Monmouthshire records for all dragonfly species to the end of 2023
A map of Monmouthshire records to the end of 2023, for all dragonfly species combined, March 2024, produced using the DMAP for Windows software written by Alan Morton,

The Monmouthshire 2030 dragonfly atlas project was set up in 2020 by the British Dragonfly Society, with the aim of producing Monmouthshire’s first dragonfly atlas in 2030. We hope that together we can cover every part of the county and record the dragonflies present, and from these records produce a comprehensive and detailed set of distribution maps.

The project will also help to identify, and gather data about, important dragonfly sites, which could be used to help with conservation efforts. The records generated, when combined with others nationally, will also help BDS to carry out its next national status assessment.

Our second set of interim maps, based on records gathered in the first four years of the project (2020-2023), and those from previous years, has now been produced, and an index to these maps can be found here.

The map below shows the extent of coverage achieved so far, quite impressive efforts by our community of recorders, particularly given the lockdowns in 2020. There are many areas of the county which remain to be visited. We’re keen for both existing and new recorders, from all parts of the county, to take part in the project. If you’re interested in taking part, please get in touch. My contact details can be found at the County Recorders page or click my name below to send me an email.

Steve Preddy

Image: Immature female Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly by Paul Ritchie