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State of the UK’s Invertebrates Virtual Symposium

British invertebrates make up the majority of our native fauna and provide a wealth of ecosystem services, yet they often fly under the radar compared to their vertebrate counterparts. Understanding the status of invertebrate populations is vital to evidence-based conservation but with only a fraction of our invertebrates assessed against IUCN Red List criteria, how can we ensure that we are protecting populations that we don’t understand?

The 2023 State of Nature Report unveiled alarming statistics: 476 of our beloved invertebrates are teetering on the brink of extinction, with their species distributions decreasing by an average of 13% since 1970. It’s a wake-up call to action!

The State of the UK’s Invertebrates Virtual Symposium will bring together a range of invertebrate specialists to showcase some of the innovative work that is being undertaken. We’ll explore what is being done to improve our understanding of British invertebrate populations and what we can do to protect the species that are struggling. Join us for this one-off event and be part of the conversation.

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