On 19 March 2020, following official advice regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, we took the decision to cancel all our Field Meetings and other gatherings until the end of June. We have extended those cancellations until further notice. It is unlikely that we will hold any field meetings or events in 2020. We will continue to assess the situation and provide updates regarding events and meetings on this page, in our Hawker e-newsletter and on social media.

However, we continue to encourage everyone to get outside individually or in household groups, to exercise and to enjoy nature, but only where this can be done in a safe manner following the advice issued by the Government and noting that this varies between the different countries in the United Kingdom. We would also encourage everyone to note the dragonflies that they see, including those in their gardens, and to submit these records.  Everyone should maintain the social distancing gap currently advised by the government to anyone who is not a member of their household and are strongly advised to avoid visiting any site which is crowded or where maintaining separation will be difficult.



Last updated: 02/09/2020