Henry’s Last Annual Meeting

On a chilly November morning Dragonfly enthusiasts from across the country descended on the Oxford Natural History Museum for the BDS Annual Meeting. This was to be the last event organised by Honorary Secretary Henry Curry as he will retire at the end of 2019 after 13 years of excellent service.   The day started … Continued

Eastleigh Local Plan Inspectorate Hearing

On 21-22 November 2019 the BDS Conservation Officer represented the BDS Dragonfly Conservation Group at the Eastleigh Local Plan Inspectorate Hearing on Matter 2: Vision and Objectives, the SA and HRA. This was a result of the DCG’s concerns that the current Habitat Regulations Assessment does not accurately take into account the vulnerability and sensitivity of the … Continued

State of Nature 2019 Report: Out Now!

A report on the State of Nature in the UK was released yesterday, with a foreword written by a panel of inspirational young wildlife campaigners. The report pulls together data from many UK wildlife recording schemes including some of our data. We urge everyone to download the report, read it and share it widely. Although … Continued

Ferne Animal Sanctuary celebrates its Discovering Dragonfly Project

Ferne Animal Sanctuary celebrates its Discovering Dragonflies Project with a Grant Celebration Event on Sunday 15 September. The National Lottery Heritage Fund awarded £8,700 to Ferne Animal Sanctuary for an exciting natural heritage project designed to educate and inspire people about dragonflies. This event celebrates the achievements of the Discovering Dragonflies Project since its launch … Continued