The following publications have been made available by the BDS to be used by anyone who wishes to make a positive contribution to the conservation of Dragonflies.


Whether you are a reserve manager, a teacher or simply a lover of dragonflies, there will be something here for you to give you ideas and information on how to conserve and promote dragonflies.

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A Brief Guide to Garden Ponds for Dragonflies












Dig a Pond for Dragonflies


Ponds as a Community and Educational Resource


Your Pond Through the Seasons


Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly (Ischnura pumilio) Management Fact File


White-faced Darter (Leucorrhinia dubia) Management Fact File


Norfolk Hawker (Anaciaeschna isoceles) Management Profile


Common Clubtail Dragonfly (Gomphus vulgatissimus) Management Fact File


Southern Damselfly Management Handbook


Managing Habitats for Dragonflies


Creating Engagement between People and Dragonflies 











The Life and Times of a Dragonfly