Beacon Hill Pools

Owned by the Crown Estates, Beacon Hill is a remote and interesting area of heather moorland managed to encourage red grouse. As the source of the River Lugg, the large pool on Pool Hill (NGR SO1735 7513) and the River Lugg itself are notified as Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Also notable is Beacon Lodge Pool, a dammed pond at NGR SO 18366 74943. Thanks to previous work undertaken by Radnorshire Wildlife Trust a number of small ponds and scrapes have been created or restored on Beacon Hill. The area also features wet flushes and runnels.


Image by Darylle Hardy

Opening times, entry costs, facilities and directions

Beacon Hill can be approached by car from Llangunllo through a somewhat twisty, gated metalled road with passing places. Look to park without blocking access near to NGR SO 19159 74840. Be prepared for moderately challenging terrain and walking distances, including an initial 600m walk to Beacon Lodge Pool.

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Beacon Hill Pools