The Dragonfly Challenge

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Take up the challenge and join in with our new, nationwide citizen science survey!


Why We Need to Count our Dragonflies

The world of dragonflies is changing fast. As vital indicators of the health of our freshwaters, this has implications for the natural world as a whole. We must know more about dragonflies if we are to protect them and understand what they are indicating about the state of other wildlife. That is why we are challenging you to take action and join in with The Dragonfly Challenge!


How to Take Up the Challenge

We are asking you to pick one day during Dragonfly Week (15th-23rd July) and get out and about to count the dragonflies you see at your garden pond, local river or any other wetland. You don't need any prior experience of dragonfly watching; use our handy spotter’s sheets below to work out which species you see and then send your count results to us. Use the form below to submit your results, so we know which records have been submitted as part of the Dragonfly Challenge. You might also find our ID help page and Dragonfly App helpful for ID purposes, but please don't submit records for the Challenge via the App or iRecord. We can use your results to better understand the whereabouts and movements of our dragonflies. We also hope that taking part in the Challenge will help you to become more familiar with the dragonflies and damselflies around you, and grow to love them! If you have recorded all the species you saw on your visit (at least well enough to identify), then you can also tick the Complete List box on the return form. This allows us to use your data in robust trend analyses of dragonflies, data which can feed into our State of Dragonflies 2020.

Spotter's Sheet

(right-click and select 'Save Link As' to download it to your computer; please don't try to fill it in directly online with Firefox or Chrome or the values flip back to zero!)

Update 15/08/2017

The Dragonfly Challenge results are in! Please see the Press Release for details.