Trottick Mill Ponds Local Nature Reserve

Trottick Mill Ponds LNR is made up of two old mill ponds, reedbeds, a burn, woodland and a meadow. It is owned by Dundee City Council and managed by Dundee Council Ranger Service. Dragonflies can be easily spotted around the two ponds and alongside the paths. Common Darters can be seen from July to September and may be found sunbathing on the bankside vegetation. Common Blue, Blue-tailed and Emerald Damselflies are also found here, with Emerald Damselflies being on the wing until mid October. 

Trottick Mill Ponds were built over 200 years ago to provide water for the Claverhouse Bleach Works – a finishing mill for linen production. Water from the Dighty Burn, which runs through Trottick Local Nature Reserve, was used to power a water wheel serving the linen mill. It was also used in the cleaning and drying processes of the factory.

The meadow area next to the ponds was used to dry huge sheets of material and kept short and clean for this purpose. This has meant that there is a huge variety of wild flowers present there today.

Opening times: Always open

Entry fee: Free

Getting there: The reserve can be accessed by foot or bicycle from Old Claverhouse Rd, William Fitzgerald Way, Millburn Gardens and Mansion Drive.

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Facilities: Disabled access

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Trottick Mill Ponds Local Nature Reserve
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Trottick Mill Ponds Local Nature Reserve