BDS featured on talk: Wildlife

Subscribe to the talk:Widlife YouTube channel to listen to fascinating discussions about wildlife conservation across the world. You will also be able to watch interviews with BDS staff giving updates on the latest dragonfly projects you can get involved with. Watch the latest interviews here   You can also for talk: Wildlife on Facebook @talkwildlife … Continued

Guide to Summer Garden Dragonflies

The dragonfly season is well under way so make sure you keep an eye out for insects visiting your garden. Here is a short guide to the species you can expect to see in June and July.   Report a sighting   Learn about gardening for dragonflies

Exciting New Job Opportunity at the BTO

Our friends at the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) have asked if we could share the details of an exciting new job vacancy. They are looking for a new Chief Executive Officer, it is a full time role, based in Norfolk but with the opportunity for some home working too. They are looking for a … Continued

Exuviae specimens needed!

The BDS have had a request for exuviae to use as training resources for the Environment Agency. The following species are required: – Erythromma viridulum – Ischnura pumilio – Aeshna mixta – Aeshna caerulea – Anaciaeshna isoceles – Somatochlora arctica – Cordulia aenea – Somatochlora metallica – Sympetrum fonscolombii – Sympetrum danae – Sympetrum flaveolum … Continued

Introducing the Dragonfly Drone of the future

The company Animal Dynamics have announced that they have successfully created a four winged drone inspired by the humble dragonfly. Dragonflies hold the title of being the best flyers in the animal; anyone who has watched a fight between two territorial Emperors will understand why- their aerial agility cannot be beat! As a result, the … Continued

Free Climate Change Adaptation Manual for Land Managers

Our climate is changing rapidly and it is essential that the potential impacts are taken into account when developing management plans for reserves and other green spaces. To assist with this process Natural England and the RSPB have published an Adaption Manual which “support[s] practical and pragmatic decision-making, by bringing together recent science, experience and … Continued