PhD opportunity studying Irish Damselfly at Belfast University

QUADRAT studentship UK and all international students are eligible Deadline: 18/01/2021   Main objectives of the project: 1) To determine the phylogenetic relationship of the Irish Damselfly to the other populations across Europe; 2) To investigate the species population genetics (connectivity, effective population size, levels of inbreeding, etc.) within Ireland; 3) To develop integrative models … Continued

‘Ecological vandalism’ on the River Lugg

A mile of the River Lugg, near Kingsland, has been illegal bulldozed and straightened while the surrounding trees have been cut down. The River Lugg is designated a SSSI, site of special scientific interest, due to its high ecological value. The river support numerous species of dragonfly, as well as protected species such as Otter. … Continued

Our Bright Future projects

Through outreach and training the Our Bright Future Project is enabling young people to drive for a sustainable future. Project achievements so far: To date, the programme has engaged more than 115,000 young people. Young people have gained more than 6,200 qualifications such as e.g. OCN, NVQs, John Muir, DofE Award, AQA. More than 500 young people have entered into … Continued

Late Willow Emeralds

By Adrian Parr:   The Willow Emerald Damselfly (pictured above) – a recent colonist to Britain – is a late season species, and is typically the last damselfly to be seen on the wing each year. This year, the benign autumn has resulted in a number of unusually late sightings, with reports even from Bedfordshire … Continued

Exuviae Specimens Needed Please!

Our friends at the Environment Agency Ecology Lab are in need of some dragonfly exuviae (cast off larval skins) specimens please. Do you happen to have any spare that you could send on to them? They would be grateful for any species but the ones they particularly need are listed below:   –        Aeshna mixta … Continued

New County Dragonfly Recorders for Gloucestershire, County Durham, Surrey & Middlesex

  We’re delighted to welcome recent recruits to the Recording Scheme as verifiers for the following Vice Counties: VC 33 – East Gloucestershire and VC 34 – West Gloucestershire – Richard Mundy Richard was recruited by Ingrid Twissell, our long-standing Gloucestershire resident and recorder who has retired from the role but helped us greatly by … Continued

David Hepper

County Dragonfly Recorder Bill Budd passes away

The British Dragonfly Society team was deeply saddened to learn of the recent passing of Bill Budd. Bill was a quietly passionate naturalist who supported the BDS as the County Dragonfly Recorder for Surrey and volunteered at the Natural History Museum (NHM). Earlier this year, an article in the journal Zootaxa announced that a newly … Continued