Thompson Common (Norfolk)

Thompson Common is famous for its pingos, a series of around 400 post-glacial depressions.

These shallow, fluctuating pools harbour a variety of interesting flora and fauna. Indeed, the whole of the site contains a stunning array of plant communities and an outstanding collection of plants – more than 400 species have been recorded.

Thompson Common is also one of the most important sites in the county for dragonflies and damselflies. 19 species have been recorded as breeding (or possibly breeding). Visiting the site’s larger pingos in July and early August offers an amazing spectacle, with huge numbers of dragonflies filling the air. 25 species of butterfly have also been recorded and over 600 species of beetle.

Images ©Nick Ford

Opening times: Dawn till dusk, every day, all year round.

Entry fee: Free

Getting there: Great Eastern Pingo Trail car park located on A1075 between Watton and Stow Bedon.

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Thompson Common (Norfolk)