Panshanger Park

Panshanger Park is located in Hertford, on the site of a former sand and gravel quarry, with its beautiful landscapes making it the favourite destination for thousands of visitors throughout the year. The site in owned by Tarmac and managed in partnership with Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust.

Panshanger Park is made up of a mosaic of habitats including woodlands, wetlands, grasslands and reedbeds making it a fantastic refuge for a huge variety of wildlife. During the spring and summer months, a multitude of wildflowers, butterflies, dragonflies and birds brings the park to life. Even in the autumn and winter the park is far from quiet. Large numbers of ducks migrate into the park from the further north to spend the winter on the lakes meaning that Panshanger is a great place to visit at any time of year.

Panshanger Park is home to 19 species of dragonfly and damselfly regularly found in Hertfordshire. In 2023, we are designating Panshanger Park as a Dragonfly Hotspot. Visit the Dragonfly Trail in the summer to see how many you can spot! Celebrate with us on Saturday 29th July.

Image: Jen Gilbert

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Panshanger Park