WT Magor Marsh

Wildlife Trust site. This is an area of natural fenland on the Gwent Levels, it is owned and managed by Gwent Wildlife Trust. There are a variety of wetland habitats including reedbed, a large pond, ditches and a wet woodland. This site is great for a wide range of invertebrates including dragonflies as well as wintering wildfowl and passing migrants.


Opening times, entry costs, facilities and directions

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Things to see

We run an annual training course in dragonflies and damselflies at Magor every year and we do normally lend out little pond dipping kits and run lots of events over the Summer.


Top species

Four-spotted Chaser

Locally important species.

Main flight period is April to October.

Its dark wing spots make it easy to identify.

Image by Andrew Holloway



Seasonal Highlights

Large Red Damselfly are the first damselfly on the seen in spring; try and catch them emerging on sunny mornings.

Unusually you can see both species of Demoiselle, Banded and Beautiful, at this site during the summer.

Dragonflies are still on the wing in autumn, with Common and Ruddy Darter in abundance.




Image by Richard Bakere

Contact Information

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WT Magor Marsh