Newport Wetlands and Magor Marsh

Found on the Gwent Levels in South Wales, these two sites are part of a beautiful wetland landscape. In close proximity and connected by freshwater ditches we are celebrating these two sites as a combined Dragonfly Hotspot!

Nestling between the Severn Estuary and the River Usk, Newport Wetlands National Nature Reserve is an exciting and accessible place for people and wildlife. Magor Marsh is one of the last remaining pieces of natural fenland that once covered the Gwent Levels. The mosaic of marsh, ponds and ditches at these sites, and between them, create incredible dragonfly habitat.

We will be working with Natural Resources Wales, Living Levels Partnership, RSPB and Gwent Wildlife Trust to celebrate these sites as Dragonfly Hotspots.

Join us on to celebrate:

Saturday 6th July at Newport Wetlands

Sunday 7th July at Magor Marsh!

Contact Information

Newport Wetlands Visitor Centre, West Nash Road, Newport, Newport, NP18 2BZ

Magor Marsh, Whitewall Road, Magor, Caldicot NP26 3DD

Newport Wetlands and Magor Marsh