Llandrindod Wells Lake

The 13-acre lake, an unexpected feature of the town with a magnificent dragon statue at its centre, is a perfect place for a stroll or cycle ride.

Opening times, entry costs, facilities and directions

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Things to see

The whole shoreline and nearby wooded areas are worth exploring – the south west and the north east corners of the lake are likely to be most productive for dragonflies.


Top species

Brown Hawker

A large powerful dragonfly.

Flight period is May to September.

Can be identified in flight by its brown wings.

Image by Iain Leach



Seasonal Highlights

Common Blue Damselflies can be seen swarming over open water.

In summer Southern Hawkers compete for territory around the lake edge.

Common Darter are one of the last species on the wing in autumn.


Image by Nick Talbott


Contact Information

Llandrindod Wells Tourist Information Centre
Town Hall
Temple Street
Llandrindod Wells

T: 01597822600

Llandrindod Wells Lake