WT Glen Moss

Marshland with woodland, heathland and open water, all of which is accessible by a path that winds through the reserve. There are nine breeding species of dragonfly and damselfly here, and the golden-ringed dragonfly is an occasional visitor. Look out for pearl-bordered fritillary butterflies too.

Opening times, entry costs, facilities and directions

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Things to see

Dragonflies can be encountered anywhere on the reserve but there is an accessible pond marked on the reserve leaflet.


Top species

Black Darter

A peatland and moorland species.

Flight period is June to November.

Dark coloration makes it easy to identify.

Image by David Kitching



Seasonal Highlights

Dainty little damselflies, such as Common Blue, can be found floating amongst the grass in spring.

Common Hawker, a peatland specialist, take to the wing in summer when the weather has warmed up.

On autumn days look out for Black Darter- they can be tricky to spot due to their dark coloration and small size.




Image by David Kitching

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Species Flight Periods

These are general species flight periods for the UK. Please be aware that dragonflies tend to emerge later in the north where the climate is cooler.

WT Glen Moss