RSPB Valley Wetlands

This is a RSPB reserve on Anglesey that includes Llyn Penrhyn, Llyn Dinam and Llyn Treflesg. Its wetland habitats include lakes, ponds, reedbeds and marshes.

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hings to see

This expansive reserve site support diverse wetland communities. The lakes hold nationally important communities of aquatic plants and visitors have the opportunity to encounter rare Odonata species like Hairy Dragonfly.



Top species

Variable Damselfly male © David Kitching

Variable Damselfly

A rare and ‘near threatened’ species.

Main flight period is May to September.

Males can be identified by a wine goblet shaped marking just beneath the wing base

Image by David Kitching



Seasonal Highlights

Broad-bodied Chasers are one of the first dragonflies to appear and are easy to identify due to their wide bodies.

In summer you have a chance to see the UK’s largest Odonata species: the Golden-ringed Dragonfly.

By autumn insect life is quietening down but you’ll still be able to see Migrant Hawkers swooping over the waters on warm days.




Image by David Kitching

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RSPB Valley Wetlands
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RSPB Valley Wetlands