WT Talley Lakes

Wildlife Trust site. These are two lakes in glacial hollows.  The lakes are good for viewing birds with a hide between them.  There are several species of dragonfly here.

Opening times, entry costs, facilities and directions

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Things to see

The site consists of two lakes lying in glacial hollows; over summer the southern lake is covered in beautiful water lilies.


Top species

Emperor Dragonfly

The largest Dragonfly in the UK

Main flight period is June to August.

Watch the territorial males patrol the site’s lakes.

Image by Steve Plume



Seasonal Highlights

Large Red Damselflies are the first damselfly species to appear in spring.

Larger species of Dragonflies, such as Southern Hawker patrol the lake in the summer months.

Common Darters a the last species on the wing in autumn.

Images by David Merrett

Contact Information

The Wildlife Trust of South & West Wales
The Nature Centre
Fountain Road

T: 01656 724100

WT Talley Lakes