Greenhead Moss Local Nature Reserve (North Lanarkshire)

Greenhead Moss Local Nature Reserve, near Wishaw, is one of the Dragonfly Hotspots established in Scotland in 2014. It is owned and managed by a partnership including Greenhead Moss Community Trust and North Lanarkshire Council. There are a number of ponds found on the site, as well as small pools on the Moss, which host nine species of dragonfly.

Key Species: Emerald Damselfly

The Site:  Greenhead Moss is a 110ha site consisting of many different habitats including ponds, wildflower meadows, remnant raised peat bog, old and new woodlands.  These habitats are home to mammals including badger, roe deer and fox with many insects and birds present. There is a good path network throughout the site; most paths are tarmac and accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

Getting there: Greenhead Moss LNR, Wishaw, ML2 8AY. Situated to the east of Wishaw town centre, there are a number of different access points to the reserve by foot; Lochview path, Moss Cottage path, Orchard path, Waterloo path, the Creamery Rd entrance, Liam’s Lane, Tinto path and Iris path. By bus and train – from Wishaw Station it is 10 minutes away via Hill St and Stewarton St to the Creamery Rd entrance. By car – head for Creamery Road or Waterloo at the south end of the park, off the A721.

When to visit: The Emerald Damselflies can be seen close to the smaller ponds and pools from early July through to September, especially around the pond with the dipping platform. Dragonflies hunt in the surrounding wildflower meadows. The earliest emerging damselflies can be seen from mid-April onwards, with sightings still being possible into sunny days in October.

Also good for: Roe deer grazing on the Moss, wildfowl on Perchy Pond, Common centaury in the wildflower meadows and amphibians breeding in the Moss pools. Other dragonfly species found here include Common Darter, Black Darter, Common Hawker, Four-spotted Chaser, Large Red Damselfly, Common Blue Damselfly, Azure Damselfly and Blue-tailed Damselfly.

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Greenhead Moss Local Nature Reserve (North Lanarkshire)