25 Nov
We’ve won the John Sawyer NBN Open Data Award 2021!

We’ve won the John Sawyer NBN Open Data Award 2021!

The BDS has won the National Biodiversity Network Trust’s John Sawyer NBN Open Data Award 2021. The award is given to organisations that make a significant contribution to open biodiversity data in the UK and are committed to working towards the NBN’s vision of “collecting and sharing wildlife data openly to educate and inform”.

Since the establishment of the national dragonfly recording scheme in 1968, we have contributed over 1.6 million verified records of 59 Odonata species to the NBN open database.

“This prestigious award shows appreciation of our Open Data policies, making our records more widely and more easily available to those needing them. It acknowledges the hard work of our volunteer County Dragonfly Recorders, who check submitted records, solicit additional records in under-recorded areas, assist observers with their ID skills and constantly work to improve the scope and quality of our database.” – David Hepper, Records Officer
Image by NBN Trust