WWT Smallbrook Meadows, Warminster

The reserve is made up of disused water meadows, ditches, woodland and a pond. Species include Southern Hawker, Migrant Hawker, Ruddy Darter, Emperor and Common Darter dragonflies, Common Blue and Blue-tailed Damselflies and the Banded Demoiselle.

Opening times, entry costs, facilities and directions

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Things to see

?The main pond is viewable from a small footpath which would probably be the best area to watch dragonflies. The site is full of smaller water bodies and some smaller ponds as well. We unfortunately dont offer kits for dipping. It’s a site that used to run educational activities often but not recently.


Top species

Migrant Hawker

Smallest Hawker in the UK

Main flight period is July to November.

Can appear in swarms in late summer.

Image by David Kitching



Seasonal Highlights

In spring Large Red Damselfly are the first to appear; both males and females red and black in colour.

The Emperor Dragonfly, one of the UK’s largest species, is on the wing in mid summer.

In early autumn other species of Hawker are still on the wing, including Migrant Hawker.


Image by David Kitching

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WWT Smallbrook Meadows, Warminster