02 Jun
Radstock Museum Exhibition

Radstock Museum Exhibition

Lauren Kennedy, BDS Engagement Officer and Ellie Colver, BDS Conservation Officer have been busy setting up an exhibition curated by the British Dragonfly Society at the Radstock Museum in Somerset which is now open!

The exhibition covers dragonflies’ ancient beginnings, their evolution, and fossils; and also the amazing ways that dragonflies have adapted for survival, their life cycle, where to see dragonflies in Somerset, and how to take action for them.

There are lots of colourful information posters and specimens in display cabinets, as well as leaflets to take away. There will also be activities for children to spark their interest in dragonflies and damselflies.

The exhibition is open until Sunday 20th August; find out more about opening times, admission prices and how to get there by visiting their website.

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