08 Jan
Pond Ponderings From The South Coast of England

Pond Ponderings From The South Coast of England

We would like to introduce our newest ‘Pond Ponderer’ Daniel Peart:


“I live in Gosport, Hampshire on the South Coast and we added a small wildlife pond last summer in our garden. Within days I was amazed to see how much wildlife soon took advantage of it; from birds to foxes, bees and dragonflies the list was endless. I am really hoping that frogs and newts will visit this spring, there is nothing better than providing a home for wildlife to colonise that previously wasn’t there.


This whole adventure has spurred me on to bigger and better! I am now building a large pond with marsh and wildlife meadow surrounding it! It looks a mess at the moment but pretty much this whole space will be a pond and marsh, and the meadow will be up to and around the pond, if you zoom in on the picture of the garden (below) you can see this area and what a mess it was. “



You can follow Daniel on Twitter to see how his new wildlife area project progresses: