National Dragonfly Week June 11th-19th

Dragonfly Day at Wicken Fen kicked off events for National Dragonfly Week. There were short guided walks, a Dragonfly Quiz Trail, games for the younger children and plenty of craft activities. Pond dipping produced lots of large and ferocious-looking diving beetle larvae, as well as damselfly and dragonfly larvae, water boatman, whirligig beetles and water mites.

Canadian Dragonfly

Metamorphosis is a dragonfly sculpture 7 feet 6 inches long with a  wingspan of 10 feet 8 inches, it  has been built in Canada by a group of artists.  The BDS first became aware of this project nearly a year ago and has followed it throughout.  The end result is a fantastic blend of the realistic and the artistic. We hope you agree.

Fine weather brings desert dragonflies to Britain

Fine weather brings desert dragonflies to Britain.  Large numbers of predatory invaders have been silently invading Europe … and some of these have reached Britain!  The invaders in question are brownish dragonflies known as Vagrant Emperors.

Killer shrimp found in UK waters

A new invasive species is spreading in UK Water bodies.  An invasive shrimp species has reached the UK after spreading across Europe from the Ponto-Caspian region of Eastern Europe.  The shrimp Dikerogammarus villosus has been dubbed the ‘Killer Shrimp’ as it is a ferocious killer of waterlife including damselfly larvae. 

Wicken Fen Dragonfly Day

The BDS and the the Dragonfly Project, in partnership with the National Trust, will be running a Dragonfly Day at Wicken Fen on Saturday 11th June. It’s another example of our partnership in action, working together on behalf of dragonflies.

DRN Recorders Day 2011

The 2011 meeting of the Dragonfly Recording Network will be held on Saturday 12 March at the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust’s Wolseley Centre, Wolseley Bridge, Stafford. This event is for all dragonfly recorders.

Members Day 2010

The 27th Annual Meeting of the BDS will be held on Saturday 23rd October 2010 at Harper Adams University College, Shropshire.